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FEP applications

FEP has a unique combination of properties which makes the material suitable for a variety of different and unique applications.


Flexvat for 3D printing

FEP non-stick sheet is a very good alternative to PDMS and silicone to use as a bottom or a Flexvat. A Flexvat with a FEP bottom has a durable release surface that is easy to keep clean.

A flexvat is used in “bottom up” 3D printers such as DLP and SLA 3d printers. The liquid wax goes into the flexvat. The 3D printer uses UV to harden the liquid in the flexvat layer by layer. Where the UV touches the liquid, it becomes hard.


FEP seal and gaskets

FEP has a very good resistance to almost all chemicals. Besides that, FEP can handle high temperatures up to 204 °C and is not effected by UV radiation.

This unique combination of properties make FEP often suitable as gasket or seal especially in high demanding surroundings.


FEP release film

FEP is often used as a release film or separation film due to the unsurpassed non-stick capabilities, exceptional formation to complex surfaces and resistance to high temperatures make FEP film often very suitable as a release film.

Especially in the composite industry FEP film is regularly used, with the non-stick capabilities, your products can be removed from the mould easy and clean.


FEP film and UV disinfection

FEP has the property that it does not block UV radiation, measurements show that about 97% of UV light is transmitted. In addition, FEP is totally unaffected by UV, it does not degrade or discolor. As a result, FEP film is often used in applications where products or plants are disinfected with UV light, or in UV lamps used in insect killing apparatus and water treatment.


Order FEP film online

FEP films are used by many research institutes and universities.Did you know that you can order FEP film online? With 10 different thicknesses they have the world’s largest range available from stock.